M&M’S® Large Bags

Where we started

M&M’S ® had a nationwide on pack promotion that was AUS lead but stores in New Zealand would not give the levels of support needed to make the campaign successful without there being something in it for them.

The brief:

Our task was to create customer specific activations that enhanced the overarching on pack promotion, yet first and foremost, get our trade partners excited.

The insights:

Shopper Insight: I generally only buy chocolate on a whim if something catches my eye.

Consumer Insight: I would never say no to chocolate especially if there is something extra in it for me!

Trade Insight: Nationwide sales promotions do not interest me. I really only want activities that directly effect and relate to my customers and my customers only.

Our solution

A themed campaign was created around international ‘M&M’S Wanted’ assets to excite and engage both the trade and the shoppers.

Gift with purchase, point of sale and promotional campaigns were created for each of the major accounts along with trade and sales associate activities.

The results

The comprehensive activation of this campaign was award winning within the Mars International network.

Brand penetration was 5 points ahead of target

NSV growth of 13.4%

60% Increase in Shelf Presence

increase in shelf presence