Dishwasher Tablets

Where we started

To continue to grow the dishwasher tablet category, Finish needed to encourage consumers to trade up to tablets from dishwasher powder.

However, consumers had particularly entrenched attitudes when it came to what product they used in their dishwashers and they did not believe that they had any issues or problems with their dishwasher powder.

Cleaning is also a notoriously low engagement, grudge part of the grocery shop so having a conversation with shoppers, in a relevant way, was going to be difficult.

The brief:

Our task was to overcome beliefs that there is no need or clear reason to change and instead create a reason for people to change their habitual purchase behavior.

The insights:

Shopper Insight: I buy what I know, and I have only used powder before.

Consumer Insight: I just don’t see the value in tablets. They cost more and I’m not aware of any real benefits; that’s why I always buy powder.

Trade Insight: Every successful trade-up shopper delivers incremental margin growth to the category. Supporting tablets ahead of powders means more profit for my store.

Our solution

A category driving TVC that helped consumers recognise a problem they didn’t know they had, with hard hitting and emotionally powerful messages that made them question what they currently believed. 


This ATL activity was paired with a comprehensive 360° shopper marketing programme – instore sampling, exclusive display areas, POS and digital – to drive awareness and trial of Finish Quantum dishwasher tablets. Product performance ensured conversion and loyalty, but shoppers were further engaged with offers and product conversations.


This activation has now successfully run for three years, with each campaign enhanced through prior learnings. 2015 activation solution was a digi/mobile platform to align with shopper behaviour, supported by a specific New World TVC.


The results

A successful strategy and activation platform that has run for three years.

Conversion rates from dishwasher powder to Finish Tablets achieved ahead of forecast.

High trade/retailer engagement and support.