Farrimond, Sep 7, 2016

Meet Graham

Graham Dolan is a highly-regarded and seasoned creative professional and, happily for the team at Farrimond and our clients, he’s also our new Creative Director.

Graham’s recent background is steeped in category-leading retail, direct response, digital and shopper marketing for a host of New Zealand household names. In 2015, a campaign he led won the Colmar Brunton Ad Impact Award for the month of December and the overall prize for the entire year. Most pleasingly for Graham, though, was that this recognition was backed up by even better sales results.

“What matters to me most is delivering tangible and successful outcomes for every client. I see Farrimond as the perfect place to walk that talk. The team here has built a formidable offering. They are true Shopper Marketing experts and that’s evidenced by the blue-chip client list they’ve managed to assemble.”

When he’s not actively engaged at Farrimond, Graham and his wife Wendy keep themselves busy with their three children, two dogs and one cat. Graham also whiles away most of his winter Saturdays coaching a local football team. You’ll find he’s only too willing to discuss the relative merits of his beloved Glasgow Celtic and Manchester United should the opportunity arise.