Graham Dolan, Jul 9, 2018

Above and Beyond

At Farrimond, we firmly believe in going the extra mile for all of our clients. It’s who we are.

But for a recent project, General Manager and resident customer journey geek Sonya Ridley took this ethos to the nth degree by embarking on a tiki tour of epic proportions.

The project entailed visiting a range of stores across the length and breadth of the country, in the midst of one of the first big winter blasts of the year, to observe, analyse and recommend best practice for point-of-sale use both on and off-promotion. So, no easy task.

Our client is a large and very successful retailer with a firm command of what works for them in above-the-line comms. They were seeking visibility of current activity and, at the conclusion of the project, uniform POS alignment and compliance throughout the store network.

Sonya, as is her way, followed standard Farrimond operating procedure.

First, after the initial pleasantries, she stopped talking.

Then, she listened. Really listened. As in, she actively switched her ears on and digested what the people at the coal face – in other words, the franchisees -  had to say. The learnings were profound and unlike anything she might have garnered by sitting in our Auckland offices and firing off a few emails.

Many of these store-sourced suggestions laid the groundwork for Farrimond’s eventual change recommendation, which we look forward to helping roll out over the next few months. This will help our client establish even greater cohesion between their broadcast communications and their on-the-ground interactions in-store.

As well as gathering a whole heap of useful intel, Sonya has, for her part, developed a new-found appreciation for the diverse beauty of the West Coast of the South Island. Albeit from her less than majestic vantage point in a very compact rental car. Nobody said it would be easy.